Ultimate Protection for the Ultimate Competitor

Say goodbye to pain and injury to your foot/instep/metatarsal from impact and collisions.

Say hello to pain-free and injury-free performance.

Easy to insert

Multi-sport use:     



♦   Absorbs painful impact and prevents injury

♦   Does not interfere with your skills

♦   Frees you to play fearlessly

♦   Works with cleats with laces

♦   Works with laceless cleats

♦   No need to get bigger cleats

♦   For women (size 7.5 and up)

♦   For men (size 6 and up)

♦   Protective outer shell, soft inner lining, super light

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Stacey PSoccer

these work fine. They stay in place

Jim LSoccer

Low profile and comfortable. I am a defender but I think strikers and attacking players will like them too.

Mike CField hockey

Bought these for my daughter who plays for her school's JV team. She loves how they wrap around her feet and don’t shift. I love how they are solid. Very pleased!

Hellen CField hockey

They are very comfortable and protective. They are also super light weight and I’d forget I even had them on. I’d definitely recommend

Trish PSoccer

They work. Stepped on twice already since I got them but they did their job and I didn’t feel a thing.

Maggie BField hockey

LOVE THESE. my daughter plays field hockey and she uses these everyday now. She got hit with a field hockey ball when it was drove at her and she hardly felt it

Anna FField hockey

Works great. Goes well with the shin guards

Barbara HSoccer

They are perfect. Light, comfortable and offer nice protection. Nobody likes taking a cleat to the foot

Claudio GSoccer

Great on the pitch. Comfortable and good quality for the price

Dale HSoccer

works ans is easy to use


No. The soft rubber padding prevents chafing and also grips your sock to stop the piece from sliding around in your shoe during play

If your foot size is smaller than women's size 7.5  or men's size 6 then this is not a good fit. 

You can use CleatSAFE instep Protector for all sports that require cleats, and also for  sports involving risk of hits or injury to your instep such as soccer, football, rugby, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball and softball, to name a few

If it's not comfortable, then please return it for a refund. But before you return it, here are a few things to try that have worked for some people:

  1. Try moving it around to different positions on your foot. For example, slide it up or down a little bit, or shift it sideways left or right
  2. Some of us have more sensitive skin and may need more cushioning. Try wearing a second pair of socks under the piece to provide that extra cushioning. 

No. It protects the immobile part of your foot, the instep. It is more evenly contoured than the natural foot and may even enhance your shot.  The part of your foot that you need for ball control is left uncovered 

It weighs less than your socks. You do not feel you have it on when you wear it correctly

This is the only color combination available at this time

Use a damp cloth to clean it. Putting it in the washing machine may damage the glue that sticks them together

We recommend wearing socks with it as they provide the required friction for it to stick to your instep, stay in place and not move in your shoe during play.