CleatSAFE Instep Protector

Ultimate Foot Protection for Cleat Sports

CleatSAFE Instep Protector for cleat sports

“Shin Guard for the Feet!” –  Safety Without Compromise

Eliminate the ‘Cleat Ouch’

Don’t you hate it when you have to tough it out!“,  “suck it up!“, “walk it off!“, “deal with it!“,  take aninjury timeout or quit playing because of a “cleat ouch” to your instep/metatarsals/foot? Be protected and focus solely on your performance.

The pain from someone kicking or stepping on your foot or getting hit in the foot by a hard ball can be excruciating. CleatSAFE Instep Protector absorbs that impact, letting you play “ouch-free!” and injury-free!

Low Profile, Comfortable Design 

Whether you’re kicking or running with the ball, you need protection that does not hinder you. The CleatSAFE instep protector is designed to fit snugly in your cleat, protecting the top of your foot from  other players’ cleats, hard balls and anything in between. The design also ensures that your shot is not affected and that it will not shift during play

Easy to insert
show off
your skills

Exactly What Your Feet Always Wanted

When you are in Cleats…against Cleats

Ergonomic Rigid Shell repels incoming impact to your instep from other players’ cleats, a hard ball or a stick

Soft Rubber Padding provides comfort, prevents chafing and stops it from shifting during play

Light weight ensures that your game is not affected


As affordable as affordable can get!


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$ 19.95 + Free Shipping


Added protection in 7 seconds or less!

  1. Make a fist with your thumb sticking out

2. On a flat surface, put your fingers against your foot and position the protector half way between your toes and shinbone


3. Hold the protector in place and slide your foot into your cleat 


4. Done


Instep Protector’s strong ergonomic shell protects against 95% of cleat sports instep injuries


Soft and comfortable inner side keeps you running without a hitch or a chafe

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The unique partial- coverage design sits perfectly on your instep like a piece of a puzzle


It takes less than 7 seconds to insert and stays firmly in place till you take it out


Fits perfectly with your favorite pair of shoes – because protection shouldn’t mean compromise!

Get 10X protection with shock-absorbent standard thickness

No need to up-size your cleats!

Hassle-free, quick slip-on and off in only 7 seconds

Perfect fit for WOMEN size 7.5 and up

Perfect fit for MEN size 6 and up

Fits any type of cleats – laced or lace-less!

Comfy inner side prevents chafing and irritation

Leaves no marks, leaves no hyper-sensitivity

Easy to clean. Just use a damp towel or napkin and you’re good to go!

Best paired with socks for a more comfortable and hassle-free experience

Instep Pain is No Gain!

We all get hurt sometimes – it’s part of the game.

But if you have lived these images, you certainly didn’t have the CleatSAFE Instep Protector on at that time.

Pssst! Don’t make the same mistake twice!

CleatSAFE Instep Protector is for you if you are a…

⚽️ Soccer player who wants protection but does not want to give up touch, control and feel. CleatSAFE stays firmly on your instep and leaves your forefoot free so you can get the most out of the game. Your shot is not affected, your ball control is not affected

🏈 Football or 🏉 rugby player – other players’ studs can be a nightmare. CleatSAFE gives protection against the injuries that you get in the trenches – line of scrimmage, scrum or lineout

🥍 Lacrosse player – other players’ twists and turns when you’re bunched up exposes your feet to the accidental stomp. With CleatSAFE, that’s a thing of the past.

🏑 Field hockey player – CleatSAFE Instep protector will bounce back anything, a whack or a ball, that comes for your feet.

⚾️ Baseball/Softball player – players sliding into your base with their studs first can be painful when your foot is in the way. CleatSAFE provides protection to stand your base

$ 19.95 + Free Shipping

Wondering What's Special About it?

Unlike other instep guards, CleatSAFE Instep Protector is designed to fit and to remain between your socks and shoes

The inner rubber padding has high friction with the fabric of your socks, thus keeping your instep firmly embraced and always protected

The convex, outer side is made of rigid material to absorb and repel any shocks with bad intentions for your instep.

The ergonomic design of CleatSAFE Instep Protector helps maintain smooth movement of the toes while ensuring maximum instep protection

No need to up-size or get bigger shoes, it fits in the ones you have now

CleatSAFE Instep Protector fits men (size 6 and up) and women (size 7.5 and up)

Perfect complement for the shin guard 

Cleat Sports are Combat Zones Without Weapons! Wear Your Armor - CleatSAFE Instep Protector

Where there is 1 ball and 44 studs (on both players’ feet), a mishap may leave your instep very tender!

Eyes are on the ball, not your instep, at the line of scrimmage

In here, and in lineouts, friendly feet can be a nightmare. Save your feet from your mates

Defending up close is brave, but having instep protection could be kind to your feet

These sticks can sometimes be painful, not forgetting driven balls too. You’ve been there

Their cleat studs may get you just the moment you tag them

Get CleatSAFE Instep Protector

Strong instep protection against numerous cleat injuries

High quality, durable and comfortable material helps you play with confidence.

Super-light, ergonomic design maintains your touch and feel throughout the game.

High Quality, Durable and Comfortable: Made of durable protective plastic with soft padding to ensure comfort and prevent chafing

Lightweight: Both pieces together weigh less than 4 oz, lighter than your game socks. You will not feel you are wearing them and your performance will not be affected

$ 19.95 + Free Shipping

Our Guarantees!



Buy with confidence! Love it or get a full refund. Simply Email us 

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Stacey PSoccer

these work fine. They stay in place

Jim LSoccer

Low profile and comfortable. I am a defender but I think strikers and attacking players will like them too.

Mike CField hockey

Bought these for my daughter who plays for her school's JV team. She loves how they wrap around her feet and don’t shift. I love how they are solid. Very pleased!

Steph OSoccer

My son is very, very happy with them.

Hellen CField hockey

They are very comfortable and protective. They are also super light weight and I’d forget I even had them on. I’d definitely recommend

Trish PSoccer

They work. Stepped on twice already since I got them but they did their job and I didn’t feel a thing.

Maggie BField hockey

LOVE THESE. my daughter plays field hockey and she uses these everyday now. She got hit with a field hockey ball when it was drove at her and she hardly felt it

Anna FField hockey

Works great. Goes well with the shin guards

Barbara HSoccer

They are perfect. Light, comfortable and offer nice protection. Nobody likes taking a cleat to the foot

Claudio GSoccer

Great on the pitch. Comfortable and good quality for the price

Dale HSoccer

works ans is easy to use

Mark HSoccer

LOve this product. I don't even notice them while playing.

Lia CField hockey

I highly recommend these. Very comfortable and stay on without problems throughout games and practice

Frank ASoccer

My teenager loves them. Wish they came in a smaller size for his kid sister


No. The soft rubber padding does two things - it prevents chafing and keeps the piece in place on your socks through friction

As mentioned before, you can use CleatSAFE instep protector for all types of cleat sports, and sports involving risk of hits or injury to your instep

No. It protects the immobile part of your foot, the instep. It is more evenly contoured than the natural foot and may even enhance your shot.  The part of your foot that you need for ball control is left uncovered 

This is the only color combination available at this time

Use a damp cloth to clean it. Putting it in the washing machine may damage the glue that sticks them together

We recommend wearing socks with it as they provide the required friction for it to stick to your instep, stay in place and not slide around in your shoe during the game.  

No. It weighs less than your games socks and you do not even feel you have it on when you wear it correctly